Browning & Henderson International – Mission Statement: To maintain, expand and improve the quality of our international organisation through continuous re-evaluation, focused on the satisfaction of client and candidate requirements within a constantly changing economic environment.

What’s being said about BHI?

Maria Carrasco and Mario Occhipinti-both are stress engineers. Maria del Rosario: I have been employed through  B&H on a number of occasions .I have never had any problems regarding  payments which are always on time,  Furthermore, I have always found the best rates  and more stable long term  positions with B&H. I’m completely happy with all aspects of B&H starting from the first call regarding the position, negotiation of rate and confirmation of start date. I would highly recommend their services.
Mario: B&H has been the keystone to take the maximum profit of my profession and achieve my economical independency. B&H not only have found the best position at the best rates, but have also worked eagerly to support long term continuity of my jobs. I can strongly recommend B&H they have been my main ally in my professional life for locating suitable long term contracts at the best rates.


Gerrit van den Brink. Rosmalen, NL, April 15th, 2010.

Below I explain my experiences in detail when I was working on contract for Browning & Henderson.

Dear Sir,

I started to work on contract for Browning & Henderson in September 2006 until December 2009 in Madrid, Spain. I submitted my contact details a couple of years before to B&H and never heard anything about it. I did not know at that time how foreign agencies worked and what to expect from Browning & Henderson Ltd. And suddenly out of the blue I received a call from Mr. Bill Browning for that particular job vacancy.

The negotiations went smooth. Within a week I received my contract and details. Also the support with documentation and when necessary negotiations from B&H to get accommodation, it was nice to know when you work abroad. During the contract period all contacts with the financial department and the contract managers went very well. All payments were in time when people followed the required regulations to submit timesheets and invoices on the last day of the month.

In the 1st year I received 3x rate increases and the B&H-management put much energy in it to negotiate with Tecnicas Reunidas SA and even showed up in Madrid. Mr. Bill Browning also helped me with my tax-situation and told his accountant in the Netherlands to find out for me.
B&H was the only agency that made a significant effort for its contract people.

Now at home and without work I registered myself, uploaded my CV on 10x International websites and send my CV to different agencies. Again I received replies from Browning & Henderson only!!

Briefly I can say: Browning & Henderson Ltd is an agency with good and decent people. B&H makes clear agreements and follow up. B&H supports their people and care for the business and their employees.


John O’Neill – Ably Resources (Associate) Ably Resources Ltd have been working alongside Browning and Henderson for over a year now and our relationship is growing stronger daily.  Our shared market knowledge has resulted in mutually successful placements with key clients home and abroad.  We look forward to continuing success in the future and exploring new opportunities worldwide.


Maria De Santos Galindez, Human Resources, Cepsa E&P “I have worked with Browning & Henderson International on many demanding and complex searches. BHI fully understand our business and the type of candidate profiles we require. They are capable of delivering a highly proactive recruitment service, combined with deep knowledge of our specialised industry. We will certainly be using their services in the future.” 


Homyar Vandrewala CEng, Senior Mechanical Engineer “Over the years I have experienced the staff to have good knowledge of the market conditions and translating these conditions to the contractor without mis-information. Due to high standards of professionalism, the staff are also courteous in their manner and varying range of issues can be discussed with the personnel in full confidence. You are regularly kept informed by e-mail on issues to ensure you take necessary steps in the interest of you and your family’s security. Working away from home is difficult at best of times but B&H made my move much easier with good advice and negotiating with an agency to assist with accommodation. Initial costs of working abroad are high, B&H were understanding of financial problems and helped were they could. Over the years, their relationship with known clients appears good, I consider B&H a trustworthy agency to work with.”


Leif Østråt Koksvik, Senior Resource Coordinator Bergen Group Rosenberg AS “During our time working with Browning & Henderson International (BHI), we have found them not only reliable and efficient but a pleasure to work with. They deliver great customer service, quality candidates that match our specific requirements and always deliver to agreed timelines. They have a understanding of our industry that is second to none. From initial selection through to final package negotiations, BHI provide the recruitment support we need to aid our success.”